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Show Your Story: A More Visual Social Media

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Sometimes, a picture says much more than a thousand words. This one, for example, says it all:


According to the article “5 Myths of Visual Communication,” “visual communication is a tricky endeavor, because it involves a language that is only partially understood as well as mysterious and complex brain processes.” In essence, visual language involves a completely different mode of thinking and communication, especially on social media. However, a good image is not simply large; instead, it showcases consistency, contrast, balance, emphasis, simplicity, and convention.


Now that Pinterest is the second largest driver of traffic worldwide, and Instagram is reported to have 10 times greater engagement than other platforms, a more visual social media presence is vital for individuals and businesses. According to this Socially Sorted infographic, there are six social media tips (paraphrased here) that give audiences a better image of you:

1.) Don’t tell, show. In our media-saturated cyberspace, you can;t expect readers to have the attention spans for huge blocks of text (ahem, my blog posts). Show a “you” attitude by providing an easy-to-see visual.

2.) Create original visual content. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you can provide visuals that are relevant, helpful, and even inspirational to your readers.

3.) Showcase your story. Use visuals to connect emotionally with your audience, not just to sell a product. Always try to explain the “why” of your image.

4.) Crowdsource visual content. Create and curate content that is relevant to your own brand, whether personal or professional. If you can, participate in contests and promotions.

5.) Add back the words. Visuals are not, in fact, only about visuals; instead they work closely with meaningful text. After choosing the right image, overlay captions, add headings, or incorporate hashtags to ensure your message gets transmitted clearly and concisely.

6.) Mix it up. Text can go on Instagram photos, pictures can be tweeted, and videos can be shared on Pinterest, too. Combinations of photos, videos, and text show your audience your creativity and social media competency.

Paul M. Rand of Zocalo Group best sums up these ideas in this Inc. article: “These social-media channels allow a company to live its brand, not just talk about it.” What are you waiting for? Get visual.


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